Why Canine Therapy?

A dog brings an instant natural comfort and calming effect to individuals whom are under stress. Psychological studies show that five minutes of therapeutic animal interaction can lower heart rates and blood pressure almost back to normal levels.

First Responders often act on high adrenaline, the presence of a comfort dog is simply one more Mental Health tool available to them.

Certified Dogs from Accredited Institutions as well as Assisted Therapy Dogs join their handler/owner (typically educators, teachers, psychologists, counsellors, doctors, Police, Fire, Paramedics) at their workplace to help their students, clients, customers patients, and employees.

They are allowed in areas where typical dogs are not permitted (examples: Schools, hospitals, community events, Victim Services, Courthouses). Not only can these dogs provide comfort to employees, but also to members of community in times of tragedy, community promotional events and education seminars, school events, etc.

More and more organizations have shown the value in having non-aggressive Therapy/Facility Dogs for their staff, and to help bridge within community events.